Friday, November 14, 2008

Create a html form on the fly and submit using javascript

I had to plug in a UPS tracking form. There's difficulties putting a HTML form inside an form tag. Also as the data to be passed in the form was coming from the database it didn't make sense to load the data in a form and have the user press the submit button. Although I'm still submitting a form. To the user it seems like they're simply clicking on a hyperlink.


<asp:HyperLink ID="hl_track" runat="server"
NavigateUrl='<%# getJs(Eval("Tracking").ToString()) %>'
Text='<%# Eval("Tracking") %>' Font-Overline="False" Font-Underline="True"></asp:HyperLink>


Return the navigation URL as so;

protected string getJs(string tracking)
string ups_from = string.Format(@"<form name=""ups"" id=""ups"" method=""post"" action="""" target=""_blank""><input type=""text"" size=""35"" name=""InquiryNumber1"" value=""{0}"" /><input type=""hidden"" name=""UPS_HTML_License"" value=""3C34A55003D153B0"" /><input type=""hidden"" name=""IATA"" value=""us"" /><input type=""hidden"" name=""Lang"" value=""eng"" /><input type=""hidden"" name=""UPS_HTML_Version"" value=""3.0"" /><input type=""hidden"" name=""TypeOfInquiryNumber"" value=""T"" /></form>", tracking);

string js = string.Format("javascript:submitUPS('" + ups_from + "','ups');");

return js;

function submitUPS(form_content, form_name) {
var _body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];
var _div = document.createElement('div');

_div.innerHTML = (form_content);



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